Prenuptial Agreements

When a couple creates a prenuptial agreement, they have access to knowledge of each other’s financial history, spending habits, debt, and more. These discussions could be vital in getting to know each other before marriage. Finances are one of the biggest reasons for marriage failure, and learning about each other’s financial history ahead of time can be important for preventing arguments and possibly even a future divorce. Although marriage is a relationship and a friendship, it is also a business partnership. A prenuptial agreement can allow a couple to agree on goals, obligations, and expectations of the marriage. In a marriage, a situation may arise where one spouse decides to stay home and raise a child, while the other one works. Although they may decide this is the best way to maintain their family, the couple faces two problems in this situation. First, the working spouse must be making enough income to support the entire family. Second, the spouse who chooses to stay home is surrendering any future income that they could have been earning through a job. If this couple then chooses to get a divorce, alimony talks can be complicated and difficult. The emotions involved with such a situation can get in the way of solving the issue. If a prenup was created in advance, these issues would already have been addressed and agreed upon.