Orlando Divorce Attorney Fights to Uphold Clients’ Best Interests

Orlando Divorce Attorney Fights to Uphold Clients' Best Interests Orlando Divorce Attorney Fights to Uphold Clients' Best Interests Click Orlando recently featured a case of bigamy involving a local. Kenneth DeCesare admitted he entered into another marriage while still legally married to his first wife. So how did he escape being charged with bigamy? As reported by Mike DeForest of WKMG Local 6, DeCesare admitted to a "drug binge" when he married his second wife. However, when his first wife learned about it and filed a suit, state prosecutors said it would be difficult for the case to progress because the second wife refused to cooperate. The agency soon learned that DeCesare's second wife, Alicia Fagan, was in the process of divorcing DeCesare and did not want to participate in the bigamy investigation. "The prosecutor indicated her discussion with the detective was purely hypothetical. She was given no names or other details," said Noel Piros. "She recalls stating that without the second wife's cooperation, proving the second marriage would be difficult, though not necessarily impossible." This isn't an isolated case. In 2011, Tait Bennett escaped bigamy charges after prosecutors learned that his second marriage happened in Las Vegas, outside Florida jurisdiction. In 2013, a Florida Today report cited the lack of coherence in the state's prosecution of bigamists, limiting punishment to probation when state law mandates five years in jail. Floridians are finding it hard to press bigamy charges due to the cited ambiguities in the law. Verdicts, if any, often result in light punishments, as in the two cases cited above. Divorce is, of course, an obvious recourse for the offended spouse, but there are many legal ramifications that need to be attended to. For example, can the second partner be legally considered a spouse, and does he or she have the same rights as the first spouse? If not properly resolved, these questions can prove to be disadvantageous for affected parties, especially when illicit movement of assets is involved. For this reason, individuals going through a similar case need an Orlando divorce attorney who knows the ins and outs of the state's justice system, particularly with regard to divorce and family laws. With his experience and vast knowledge, the attorney can help his clients sort through the ambiguities of the law to make sure the clients’ rights are protected. Those who feel the tide is going against them should not stop from trying to get the justice they feel they deserve. Seeking professional help from an Orlando, FL divorce attorney like one from McMichen, Cinami & Demps will be a good start. Without a lawyer’s guidance, the chances for getting a just resolution could be very slim. (Source: Man with 2 wives not prosecuted for bigamy, WKMG, October 8, 2014)