Orlando Divorce Attorney: Questions to Ask at the Initial Consultation

Orlando Divorce Attorney: Questions to Ask at the Initial Consultation Orlando Divorce Attorney: Questions to Ask at the Initial Consultation When there are issues that need to be settled in court, financial, emotional, and physical stresses often follow. This rings true, especially in divorce, except in rare cases where there is not much financial or child custody issues at stake. Typically, however, the details that need to be sorted in a divorce can be overwhelming, especially without the help of an attorney who is well-versed in the family laws of Florida. Ask the Right Questions Sunshine State couples who seek to dissolve their marriage through divorce should not hire the first attorney they find. Serious matters that could require significant financial, emotional, and even physical commitment from both parties are at stake. To get the best possible guidance and representation, it would be wise to properly screen candidates before hiring a divorce lawyer in Orlando. An article posted in Divorcenet.com lists a few queries that one can ask when choosing an attorney. One of the first things to know is if the lawyer specializes in divorce, or if divorce is just part of the practice. Usually, lawyers who practice family law are also knowledgeable about divorce cases. However, family law encompasses various subspecialties, including divorce, which, on its own, also involves a number of issues and aspects. In view of this, it is wise to hire a lawyer who is not only proficient in family law, but who also specializes in divorce. Law firms that specialize in divorce, such as McMichen, Cinami & Demps, can cover all the various aspects involved in a divorce, including financial issues like property division, valuation of assets, distribution of mutual funds, stocks, securities, and other potential asset-related disputes. The article further suggests asking this question: “Based on what you know about my case, how would you predict a judge would rule on it?” The answer will provide an insight not only on the lawyer’s experience, but also his or her possible approach to getting the best outcome for the client. In addition to the financial components of a divorce case, a seasoned Orlando divorce attorney will be committed to helping the client in such emotionally charged issues as child custody and visitation rights. After getting a good idea on how a lawyer will approach the case, the client should also ask about other important factors, including the attorney’s availability for consultations, means of communications, and attorney’s fees. Divorce often demands a substantial amount of emotional investment. The guidance of trusted attorneys will go a long way in helping clients deal with the emotional strain of the procedure, and prepare for the new life ahead. (Source: Top 10 Questions to Ask a Prospective Divorce Attorney, DivorceNet.com)