Orlando Divorce Attorney: Grounds for Dissolution of Marriage in FL

Orlando Divorce Attorney: Grounds for Dissolution of Marriage in FL Orlando Divorce Attorney: Grounds for Dissolution of Marriage in FL It was in the 1970s when the State of Florida adopted the “no-fault” type of divorce, thereby becoming part of the majority. This means that when you strongly believe that your marriage is over, as it is plagued with problems that you and your partner can no longer resolve or move forward from, and you deem it time to consult a divorce attorney in Orlando, FL, you won’t be required to prove fault or provide a specific reason for the dissolution of your marriage. In Florida, there are only two grounds for divorce: Ground #1: Irretrievably Broken Marriage It’s sad to note, but the number of years two people have been married is not a guarantee that they won’t end up divorcing each other. In fact, a Huffington Post article by Laura Seldon enumerates three major marriage problems that lead to divorce despite decades of being together: namely a loss of connection, a realization that life is short, and a lack of coping skills. These three reasons could ultimately result in the breakdown of a marriage. When a marriage is said to be irretrievably broken, sometimes referred to as “irreconcilable differences,” you and your spouse can’t even agree on fundamental issues concerning your marriage and family. A divorce that is based on this ground, more often than not, only calls for a statement from both spouses that their marriage no longer works. The court will order a divorce if the couple has no minor child, but if there is a minor child, counseling may be ordered and the proceedings will be continued for three months. Ground #2: Mental Incapacity A reliable divorce attorney in Orlando from established firms like McMichen, Cinami & Demps know that a person can use mental illness or insanity as a ground for divorce. Unlike the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage, however, filing a divorce based on mental incapacity will require you to show that your spouse’s mental illness is declared or incurable, and his/her condition has lasted for at least a period of three years. It may be a challenge for you to gather evidence and prove your case, so the help of an experienced attorney is valuable. Needless to say, deciding to separate or divorce is not easy, but with the assistance of an attorney to make things go smoothly, you and your spouse need not have more misunderstandings or frustrations. (Source: Marriage Problems That Lead To Divorce After Decades, The Huffington Post)