Florida Annuls Two Types of Marriages

Florida annuls two types of marriages: void and voidable. A void marriage is a marriage that was invalid from the moment it started. A marriage is considered void if a spouse is legally married to more than one person; the couple is related by family or by marriage; the two partners are under age; or one of the partners is permanently mentally disabled and cannot consent to marriage. A voidable marriage is a marriage that was not necessarily invalid at the beginning. A marriage is considered voidable if one of the partners was under the influence of drugs or alcohol; one of the partners was suffering from a temporary mental problem; a partner was tricked into agreeing to the marriage; the couple was pressured into getting married; one spouse is impotent; or the couple entered the marriage as a joke. The precedent has been set that all void marriages can be annulled, but not all voidable marriages can. Consult with your Orlando divorce attorney if you believe your marriage falls into one of these categories to make sure it's valid.