Ashley Madison Proves that Adultery Abounds

Adultery SignBack in October, we wrote about the Ashley Madison data hack that resulted in the public disclosure of the names, addresses, and even credit card information of some 32 million subscribers to the website’s service linking people who want to have extramarital affairs. In that article, we discussed research which suggests that the majority of spouses would be unwilling to forgive their partners for having an affair. But, while turning this type of research to front page news, the Ashley Madison data hack also exposes a much more obvious – if imprecise – statistic: In today’s world, adultery abounds.

Private Citizens, Government Workers, and Military Personnel Across the Globe

Several sites have published lists purporting to contain the information obtained from the Ashley Madison data hack (be careful, some of these sites have proven to be unreliable), and CNN has even published a map showing the locations of some of Ashley Madison’s users. CNN also reports that many of the users whose accounts were hacked registered for the site using government and military email addresses. This includes nearly 7,000 employees of the United States and Canadian governments, and more than 12,000 members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Of course, this still leaves tens of millions of people in all walks of life around the globe. Several sources indicate that the greatest numbers of users were in the United States. One site has even populated a list of the “Top 20 Most Unfaithful States in America” using the Ashley Madison hack data. Fortunately, Florida isn’t on the list. The U.S. cities with the most Ashley Madison members? You won’t find any Florida towns in the top 10. But, they are spread across the country. Austin, TX is apparently number one, while Pittsburgh, PA; Boston, MA; New York, NY; and Los Angeles, CA round out the top five.

What If You Suspect Your Spouse Is Cheating?

If you suspect that your spouse may be having an affair, or if you have seen your spouse’s name on a list of Ashley Madison users, it is important not to make any rash decisions. With regard to being included on a list, as we mentioned, some sites have been publishing inaccurate information, and just because someone registered with the website does not mean that they had an affair. Before you do anything that could get you into trouble or affect your rights in a divorce, we strongly encourage you to speak with an attorney. Knowing how your spouse’s actions and your own actions affect your rights is critical to making the right choice about what you do next.

Do You Have Questions about How Adultery Affects Your Rights in a Divorce?

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