Five Life Changes that Can Lead to Divorce

If you are contemplating a divorce, you know all too well the strain that major and unexpected changes can place on a marriage. From the stresses of parenthood to the consequences of infidelity, all types of challenges can push a marriage to the tipping point. As divorce lawyers, we regularly speak with individuals who are considering bringing their marriages to an end. Here are five common life changes that can lead spouses to consider filing for divorce:

1. The Birth of a Child

While many couples expect the birth of their child to bring them closer together, the reality is that the stress and responsibilities that come with childrearing can often drive couples apart. Sleep deprivation, anxiety, differences of opinion, and feelings of lack of commitment or willingness to be involved are all issues that can lead new parents to choose to divorce.

2. Loss of a Job

When one spouse loses a job, this also can create stress and lead to conflicts that drive a couple apart. While research has shown that, traditionally, the husband’s loss of a job is more likely to lead to divorce than the wife’s, the loss of any much-needed source of income can put enough strain on a marriage to bring it to an end.

3. Illnesses, Injuries, and Trauma

When one spouse suffers a serious illness or injury, or experiences a traumatic event, the marriage may suffer as well. The reasons why can vary, but experts point to everything from the stresses of caregiving to the divide that tends to grow as spouses react to negative events differently and in their own ways. Illnesses, injuries, and traumas often lead both spouses to reassess what they want from life, and if their marriage is not sufficiently fulfilling, they may see divorce as their only option.

4. Infidelity

With the Ashley Madison data breach, infidelity was a hot topic in 2015. Spouses and couples deal with infidelity in different ways but for many, understandably, it is cause for divorce. Although “fault” only plays a limited role in today’s divorces from a legal perspective, from an emotional perspective, infidelity is something that many spouses cannot forget or forgive.

5. Empty Nest Syndrome

When a married couple’s youngest child goes to college or moves out on his or her own, some spouses find that their ties to one another aren’t what they used to be. Raising children for decades can change (and in many cases erode) spouses’ connections to one another. If you are an empty nester and are contemplating a divorce, you are not alone.

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